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Can I come by just before closing time to empty a few magazines?
Yes. However, the range shuts down 15 minutes prior to closing.

Do you close on holidays?
We are open on most holidays but please check with the individual locations for details and holiday hours.
All locations: Dec. 24th 9am - 5pm, Dec. 25th Closed, Dec. 31st 9am - 6pm, Jan. 1st Regular Hours

How much does it cost to shoot at Quickshot if I rent everything from the range?
$125/hr per two people on average.
Includes range time, ear/eye protection, ammo, target, and gun rental.

Does Quickshot take reservations?
No need! Come on down whenever is best for you and we'll ensure you have a great time.

Do you allow international shooters?
Yes! We have many international customers that shoot at our locations. Come in today!

Does Quickshot allow group parties?
Yes, if you would like to schedule call the range and ask for a manager.
For our Atlanta location, call 404.963.1962.
For our Buckhead location, call 404.600.6378.
For our Charleston location, call 843.225.2868.
For our Savannah location, call 912.349.3361.

Does Quickshot sell guns?
We do not sell firearms but we do receive firearms for transfer. To submit an FFL transfer click here.

What is the age limit for the range?
You must be 18 or older with a valid ID to shoot, 12 or older with a parent.

What is the largest caliber you allow at the range?
We allow all pistol rounds and rifle calibers up to and including .308.

Does Quickshot allow shotguns?
Yes, however you must shoot slugs and the shotgun must have a stock. No shot of any kind or pistol grips.

How many lanes does Quickshot have?
Quickshot Atlanta has 2 separate ranges, with 7 lanes on each range.
                             The short range is 15yds long, while the long range is 25yds long.

 Quickshot Buckhead has 12 lanes, each are 20yds long.

Quickshot Charleston has 8 lanes, each are 15yds long

Quickshot Savannah has 10 lanes, each are 25yds long. 


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